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TERbit gives your choices power.

Reduce CO2 emissions, sum up your eco-actions, and save the planet!


Be the change that you wish to see in the world.
Live green, measure your positive contribution and gain TERs.

A win-win
Generate TERs and help the planet! Use the app for your personal needs or compete with your co-workers and receive awards from your employer!
TERbit for companies

The app will quantify your eco-actions, sum up your impact, and give immediate feedback. Just continue reducing your carbon balance.

Have you ever wondered, how much CO2 you can save just by changing your daily habits? Discover your carbon balance and much more with TerGo.


What are TERs?

Discover the most transparent and only real-time carbon credits generated by YOUR eco-actions!


True Emission Reduction carbon credits


TERs are the highest quality of carbon credits. You can easily generate them when you reduce your carbon emissions every day. Opt for walking, cycling, carpooling, driving an eco-car, public transportation or other green logistic choices to generate TERs.


TERs reflect changing your habits and living sustainably. It’s all scientifically proven! All you have to do is follow the green path.

Check how to generate TERs


Verified Emissions Reduction carbon credits


VERs neutralize the unavoidable CO2 emissions. They are created by certified eco-projects, such as TerGo’s agroforestry project in Belize. Such projects sequester CO2 from the atmosphere, thus halting global warming.


Living completely carbon-free is impossible right now. Improve your habits, reduce as much as possible and offset the unavoidable emissions with VERs.

More on VERs

Check how much TERs you can generate

All your eco-actions matter.
TERbit facilitates monitoring and measuring your activities. Get rewarded for living green!

1 TER = 1000 kg of saved CO2e

TER simulator

Fill in the distance and check your CO2 savings!

Distance you covered


What makes TERbit so special?

Measuring your CO2 reduction

TERbit is a tool that measures your CO2 reduction and converts it into TERs. By monitoring the change in your CO2 emissions, you better understand your impact on the environment in real-time.

Greenwashing resistant

It is you who creates TERs: this guarantees full transparency. Our experts confirm that TER creation calculation follows international standards in accordance with TerGo ITCC standard, ISO 14064-2:2019, Greenhouse gases-Part 2 and ISO 14064-3:2019, Greenhouse gases-Part 3. All TERs have independent assurance and certification.


The TERbit app uses a holistic approach to the carbon footprint. Global change begins with the everyday decisions of every individual. We empower our community with a tool that tackles global warming effectively.


Become a beta-tester

Join the team of our beta-testers and gain access to the cutting-edge tool that helps save the planet.


We partner with cities and transit institutions to get cities moving.

See how you can reduce your carbon footprint by using public transport.

More about public transport


Don’t change who you are. Change what you do.


Dive deeper and learn more:

Your smartphone is full of measurement devices that our app uses. We provide initial verification of your green choices using location data from the GPS module, WiFi, and Bluetooth data. Secondary verification is confirmed by measurements from an accelerometer, magnetometer and barometer. Further validation is conducted using data from related apps and connected health-oriented devices (e.g., smartwatches). TERbit also collects non-sensory data such as device IP address, time zone, and network status.

VERs are Verified Emission Reductions units. One VER corresponds to reducing 1 tonne of CO2e from the atmosphere. VERs are typically created as part of sequestration projects, which absorb greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. TerGo’s sequestration project is focused on reforesting former farmland and supporting local people in carrying out sustainable agricultural practices.TERs are a unique type of VERs. True Emission Reductions are carbon reduction units that TERbit users create by lowering their carbon footprint compared to the average value for their country of residence.

Every time you choose to bike or walk instead of driving a car, you reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding CO2 emissions. The TERbit app measures your reductions, verifies them, and stores them in your account in the form of TERs: True Emission Reduction units. The mechanism for verifying TERs was developed by greenhouse gas emission specialists and scientists worldwide. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the app – the algorithms will do the rest for you.

TERbit is a unique team engaging tool. You can use TERbit independently but will accomplish even more by using the app as a team.How to do it? Tell your employer about TERbit. Your company can download the app for businesses, customize its design, and join you in CO2-reducing teams.

Then, collect TERs on your way to work: choose to bike, walk, or use public transport.

Finally, your employer can buy back the collected TERs, thus rewarding you for living green. All collected TERs, i.e. True Emission Reduction units, can be included in your company’s annual ESG report, showing that you are doing your best to run a sustainable business.

TERbit is the first app in the world that will show you in real-time exactly how much CO2 you are reducing with your daily choices.
You’re probably already familiar with fitness apps that count kilometers traveled or calories burned. You’re also familiar with environmental apps that encourage you to save the planet. TERbit refers to these applications, making it simple and intuitive to use. However, TERbit’s functionality goes far beyond any other app on the market. Only TERbit gives you the opportunity to collect TERs – True Emission Reduction units that contribute to climate change mitigation. With us, it pays to go green!

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