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Engage your team ecologically with TERbit!

Get the first app worldwide to unite your team in a common goal: save the world.

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Explore the gamified way to sustainable development


Who doesn’t like a friendly competition?
Set a target, engage your team in positive challenges, and watch your company’s carbon footprint diminish.

HR benefits

Positive employer branding,improved well-being, united team…
One app, hundreds of reasons to minimize your team’s carbon footprint.

Carbon reduction

A sustainable path is the only way to go.
Join the global climate efforts. TERbit supports your company’s strive for carbon neutrality.


TERbit app – your team’s carbon reduction made easy


Get TERbit for your company

Partner up with TerGo and get the TERbit app for your company in a customized version.


Monitor your team’s carbon reductions

TERbit measures and records your team’s CO2 reductions that result from commuting on foot, by bike or by carpooling.


Reward for living green

Prize your team for choosing sustainable modes of transport. Build a healthy and engaging work environment.

Get a free estimation.
Discover TERbit’s value for your company.

It doesn’t matter whether you reduce your company’s carbon footprint or have just begun the journey to carbon neutrality. TERbit is a versatile tool for all businesses.

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    Customize your TERbit app

    Get your unique version of the TERbit app. Adjust it to match your brand identity!

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    Color 2

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    Administration panel

    Generate and download reports, view your team’s statistics and monitor your company’s CO2 reductions.


    Include these CO2 emission calculations and savings data in your Scope 3 Carbon Footprint and ESG reports.


    TERbit elevates your team’s eco-choices to a new level

    Get a detailed summary of your carbon savings and benefit from the CO2 you haven’t emitted.

    Walking & running

    Active commuters are happier and healthier. They gain six days’ worth of productive time each year and take 15% fewer sick leaves.


    It takes only 10 people cycling to work for 10 km a day to save over 6 tonnes of CO2 every year!


    Not every car is the same. Choosing an electric or a hybrid vehicle lowers your emissions compared to a standard baseline.


    People who carpool arrive at work with lower stress levels. Carpooling contributes to increased productivity and improved job satisfaction.

    Public transport

    A single bus transports as many passengers as 55 cars would. Let’s build a future without traffic jams.
    More on public transport

    API integrations

    We are ready and open to integrations with external systems. Improve your company’s branding with TerGo’s fully scalable and well-documented API mechanism.


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